What are SAP Support Packs, SAP Service Packs, SAP NOTEs

What are SAP Support Packs, SAP Service Packs, SAP NOTEs

  • When a customer finds a bug in the SAP product and reports it to SAP support, SAP develops a correction for the bug. This correction is sent to the customer in the form of a SAP NOTE.
  • If the same or similar bug is reported by multiple customers then SAP recognizes such bug corrects them and collects all these corrections in one place and adds some enhancements to the earlier version of SAP and then calls this as a SUUPORT PACK.
  • A collection of SAP NOTES eventually makes a SAP SUPPORT PACK.

What are SAP AddOn Components

SAP AddOn components are extra functionalities that do not come with main SAP product. Different organizations have different requirements, so SAP has recognized some main functionalities that are in demand and builds that functionality as a components, which can be integrated with the core SAP. so add on components sit above the core and access the same  dictionary objects or repository objects and perform the required funcionality.

The following steps are to be followed while applying service packs.

  • Go T-code SPAM
  • Apply support pack through front end if the size of the pack is less than 10MB.
  • Apply support pack through Application server if the support pack is greater than 10MB, after decompressing the file using uncar (SAPCAR –XVF xxxx.CAR).
  • In order to apply the support patches define the Queue and import the queue.
  • During the runtime of import we may ask to run SPDD to modify the data dictionary objects.
  • During the runtime we may be asked to run SPAU to modify repository objects.
  • Confirm the queue.

The following list contains the software components listed in the figure. Each component has its own release cycle.

  • Industry Solutions, Plug-Ins, and Enterprise Extensions are all Add-Ons.
  • Enterprise Extension. These extensions of the functionally stabilized application components of SAP R/3 Enterprise are delivered as a complete set.
  • Enterprise Extensions, Release 1.10, are first delivered with SAP R/3 Enterprise, Core Release 4.7. .Core 4.7. means the functionally stabilized Application components of SAP R/3 Enterprise.
  • Industry Solution (IS). Industry Solutions are the technical software. realization of industry-specific requirements. We strongly recommend against using multiple Industry Solutions within one SAP system, since these modify the SAP system in different ways. You can obtain approval from SAP for using two Industry Solutions together in certain circumstances.
  • Plug-In (PI). An SAP R/3 Plug-In provides interfaces between a my SAP component (such as SAP CRM) and a standard SAP R/3 system.
  • Core Application (APPL). This area contains software for all non-HR Application components in SAP R/3.
  • Human Resources (HR). This area contains software for HR applications in SAP R/3.
  • Application Interface (ABA). This is special software for the basis area application interface.
  • BASIS. This is software for the basis area in the standard SAP R/3 system and in the SAP Web Application Server.
  • Business Information Warehouse (BW). This is updated software for the SAP BW.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This is updated software for SAP CRM. Note that it is not possible to run APPL/HR and BW or other main components simultaneously on the same SAP Web Application Server (which consists of ABA and BASIS layers).
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