SAP R/3 Client Management – what is client independent, client dependent data

What is an R/3 Client? R/3 Client Definition

R/3 Client is defined as an “independent accountable business unit within an R/3 system”. In technical lingo client is a logical unit of R/3 database.

R/3 Data Classification

Data in the R/3 database are classified as two types, Client Independent data and client dependent data.

Client Independent Data – Cross Client Data

Data which can be accessible through entire R/3 database from any client is called as client independent data or cross client data. Ex: screen data, transaction data, repository data and dictionary data.

Client Dependent Data – Client Specific Data

Data which can be accessible through a client in which it was created is called as client dependent data or client specific data. Ex: user data, authorization data, application data. As per above two types, the R/3 client maintains differentiation with respect to client dependent data. A number of clients are created in one R/3 database to maintain differentiation in customization, testing, quality assurance and production data. R/3 client can be identified with three digit numeric number starts from 000 to 999 Default clients

After installation there are three default clients configured in database. Which are (for Non-Ides Software) 000 Master Client 001 Copy of master client 066 Early watch client For IDES Software we have clients 800, 810, 812

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