SAP R/3 Change and Transport System (CTS ), Customizing Organizer (SE10), Work bench Organizer (SE09)

CTS is a collection of Change and Transport Organizer, Transport Management System and transport tools which are R/3trans and TP at OS level. CTO and TMS are part of R/3 database. Transport tools exist at OS level of R/3 server.


Change and Transport Organizer is a collection of Workbench Organizer, Customizing Organizer and Transport Organizer. CTS is a total management system of object customization and transportation among the systems in system landscape.

Development Object

An object in R/3 database like a program, database table, R/3 screen, transaction code…etc, which has got developed or customized is called as development object.

R/3 database is collection of cross client data and client specific data. At the implementation stage of project the customization takes place on these two types of data by developers. All the customized objects to be moved among the systems or clients of the same system in the landscape the transport requests or change requests should be added up with these development objects.

Transport or Change Requests (TR)

A transport request is a collection of change tasks, which can be moved among the systems in landscape. A change task is a collection of development objects. Transport requests identified by below naming conventions in the database.

  • Where SID is system id in which a TR got created
  • K stands for customization
  • Number starts from 900001
  • So, the first TR gets created in DEV system is DEVK900001

The above naming convention forms for a Change task also. In case, a TR created with the number 900001 then the change task number will be followed as 900002… then again TR created with followed number of previous CT.

Example – TR display in SE01 as follows

Display Request DEVK900001
  ---   Workbench   Workbench request
      ---   -> DEV Global SAP Development
          ---   Released
              ---   DEVK900001       C5KALS       CSH file upload 290507    (TR)
                  |--   DEVK900002   C5KALS       Development/Correction  (CT)
                  |   |
                  |   ---   Table Contents
                  |       |
                  |       ---   /RWD/HELPINFO
                  ---   Object List of Request

Transport requests are two types:
1) Work bench Request: – Collection of Cross client / client independent objects.
2) Customizing Request: – Collection of client specific data / client dependent objects.

In general there are two types of TRs as below
– Local change request, which can be transported within the clients of same system
– Remote Change request, which can be transported among remote systems in the landscape as well as local clients also.

Work bench Organizer (SE09)

Registration of modifications made on cross client objects can be done in work bench organizer. In other words, creating of workbench transport request in workbench organizer.

Customizing Organizer (SE10)

Registration of modifications made on client specific objects can be done in customizing organizer or creating organizer.
A transport request depends on its type can be created in WO or CO. It is not possible to include different types of data in any of these request types. Once all the developments are completed the request should be released to be moved among the systems in the landscape. To release a transport request all the change tasks included in TR should be released, then only the owner of TR can release the TR

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