Browse Cube Data – Change the Dimensions in the Grid

In this section, you will learn How to replace a dimension in the grid

To replace one dimension in the grid with another, drag the dimension from the top box and drop it directly on top of the column you want to exchange it with. Make sure the pointer appears with a double-ended arrow during this process.

Using this drag and drop technique, select the Store dimension button and drag it to the grid, dropping it directly on top of Measures. The Store and Measures dimensions will switch positions in Cube Browser.


How to filter your data by time

  • Click the arrow next to the Time dimension.
  • Expand All Time and 1998, and then click Quarter 3. The data in the grid is filtered to reflect figures for only that one quarter.

Cube Browser

How to drill down

  • Switch the Product and Customer dimensions using the drag and drop technique. Click Product and drag it on top of Country.
  • Double-click the cell in your grid that contains Breakfast Goods. The cube expands to include the subcategory column.

Cube Browser

  • You can expand any ‘+’ sign and see more detail. Or you can click any ‘-‘ sign and see the aggregate (less detail).
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