Future Of Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is an important innovation that will be used more and more often in the years to come. According to the surveys, Content Management market is huge and it is growing day by day.

Along with the Content Management, the upcoming system in this field has also started including applications for back-office information management, collaboration management, records management, and the management of digital assets. The applications are adding new functionalities continuously and are adopting the Web Services and XML, which make handling content more efficient. By using XML, the content can be stored in an application-neutral form, so the content that can only be used on the Web earlier can now be re-used, re-formatted and recycled.

According to the research experts, in the near future the prices of content management systems will fall but the features will be standardized. In this process most of the projects implementing CMS will fail due to the poor standard of implementation, lack of understanding of usability, information architecture, knowledge management and various other content issues. The ranks of Content Management vendors will go down to two or three leaders worth $2 billion to $3 billion each. The field of ” Content Management” will mature over the next few years to achieve a higher level of consistency, repeatability and professionalism.

Some analysts of the IT industry have pointed out that CMS market is overcrowded at present with different CMS available launched by very big companies as well as small companies. Documentum’s acquisition of Bulldog (digital asset management), and FileNET’s acquisition of eGrail (WCM) has made this obvious that large vendors will continue to expand and will keep on acquiring small vendors that handles special content types. Moreover, the future research work related to Content Management will include hypermedia, document management, software engineering, marketing and business process design.

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