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Its Process, Process and Process

Software earlier was not process driven. But with the ISO, CMM and SEI processes governing the Software delivery vehicle in today’s market, it has opened up avenues of outsourcing as an integral part of its Project Management Life-cycle. Let’s take the case of Acme Systems, an IT services company has been actively involved in the global market during this transition.

Its unique Blended Offshore Outsourcing Model (BOOM) methodology provides a blended approach towards IT outsourcing for Small-Medium Project Management Enterprises (SME). The BOOM provides dual advantage to the client by shifting the non-critical stages of the project life-cycle to the Offshore Development Center at Hyderabad (India) while still retaining project coordination & control at the client site Supported and Coordinated by an Onsite Project Manager and Account Manager from Acme Systems Inc. US headquartered at Naperville, Illinois. However, the project is closely monitored and controlled by the Offshore Project Manager (located offshore) through regular coordination with the Onsite Project Manager who interacts regularly with the Project Manager of the Customer.

This model is geared specifically towards the Small-Medium project management Enterprises (SME) in the United States. The methodology is built on the PMBOK architecture and therefore is compatible with most of the Project Management methodologies used in the US. The methodology also provides a good price to performance ratio by reducing major share of workload from onsite to offshore.

Blended Offshore Outsourcing Model (BOOM)

From the above it is evident that BOOM recommends only the non-critical parts of the project to be done offshore. Following are the phases of the BOOM Methodology:

  • Project Initiation – Onsite
  • Project Planning – Onsite
  • Project execution – Offshore
  • Project Controlling – Onsite
  • Project Closing – Onsite
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