DFMEA – Risk Assessment

Quantifying FMEA: Risk Assessment


This is an alternate set of rating guidelines. Customized guidelines should be developed for your industry and company.

This summary of alternate ranking criteria can also be used as a guideline for developing your own standardized set of values. In the table, P refers to the Probability of an event. For example, for a rank of 6 in Occurrence, the probability of the cause and the  failure mode happening is approximately 1 in 80.

At a level of 6 in Severity (of the failure mode’s effect), there would be some customer dissatisfaction, starting to approach a high level with some interoperability of the part. For a rank of 6 in Detectability, the probability of missing the failure mode would be somewhere around 1 in 100. These probability values might be appropriate for some industries but not for others.

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