DFMEA – Function of the Part

What is Function of the Part?

  • The function of the part is the task that it must perform to meet its design intent. it should be described in a
    way that is concise, exact and clear to all participants and users
  • Use a verb-noun format


–    Isolate electrical data signals
–    Provide mating surface to part B
–    Provide dielectric material for impedance
–    Provide engaging tab for cam
–    Last for 40,000 cycles
–    Operate within specified environmental conditions
–    Be manufactured at specified productivity and quality rates Right about now in the FMEA process would be a good time to perform the Fault Tree Analysis FTA. Then you would transfer the information to the FMEA form as you go through the steps. Note that you will likely adding to that information, but it is an excellent way to make the FMEA more thorough.

Although the DFMEA assumes the part will be manufactured to the design intent, it should still take into account realistic limitations of the manufacturing and assembly processes, e.g., clearances for tooling, achievable tolerance capabilities, realistic parts/hour rates, etc.

Design FMEA – Use this blank form to develop your own example.


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